Zeppelin Harbor uses ZeppelinIcon airships to transport resources between islands.



Lvl Timer Build / Upgrade Cost Income Zeppelins CostAccelerate
1 8:00:00 CostFood 500 Cutstone 2 200 Coin 1,500 HumanHead 3 Coin ?? Bestsellers active ?? ZeppelinIcon 1 CostGem 8
2 4:00:00 CostFood 700 Cutstone 2 400 Coin 1,000 HumanHead 3 Coin 200 Bestsellers active 100 ZeppelinIcon 2 CostGem 2
3 6:00:00 CostFood 1,000 Cut marble res 300 Coin 3,000 HumanHead 3 Coin 300 Bestsellers active 100 ZeppelinIcon 3 CostGem 2
4 3:00 CostGem 10 HumanHead 3 Coin 400 Bestsellers active 100 ZeppelinIcon 4 CostGem 2
Elite 4:30:00 CostGem 50 HumanHead 4 Coin ?? Bestsellers active ?? ZeppelinIcon 4 CostGem 9

Delivery TimeEdit

Item Time per unit
Wood 20:30
Stone 20:30
Lumber 21:00
Cutstone 21:00
Frozen rainbow tr1:00
Cut marble res1:00
Send tr1:00
Marblepro 21:00
Coral tr1:00
Glass tr1:00
Copper tr1:00
Paint tr1:00
Coal tr1:00
Polunarium tr1:00
  • The delivery time is 30% faster for Elite Zeppelin Harbors


  • Size: Size 3x3
  • Zeppelin Harbor has Zeppelins button when you click the building. When you click zeppelins, you were taken to map where zeppelin icon are there to send resources.
  • For some reasons, when you click zeppelin icon in the map, the game sometimes freezes and crashes, and your progress is not saved.
  • Maximum number per island: 1
  • Available on these islands: Island1 Island2 Island3 Island4 Island5 Island6 Island7 Farmers Bay tr


English Zeppelin Harbor
Russian Гавань Дирижаблей
German Luftschiffstation
French Station de Dirigeables
Spanish Estación Aérea
Italian Aeroscalo
Portuguese Torre de Dirigível
Chinese 飞艇站
Korean 비행선 선착장
Japanese 飛行船ステーション

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