When a villager is not working, they will occasionally request something. This is referred to as a wish.  When the wish is satisfied (by tapping the indicator above the villagers head) you earn Coin Gold and Bestsellers active Experience.

Please note a wish can neither be requested or fulfilled if a Deal is in progress in all the buildings of that type on that island.

If you have it set that all your buildings and decorations are invisible, any tribesman sitting on a bench will also be invisible. Keep it in mind.

There are some Quests that require villager wishes to be filled.

Wish LocationsEdit

Icon Location Cost Reward Ancient Bar CostFood 2 Coin 6 Bestsellers active 1
Altar.of.feelings.wish Altar of Feelings CostFood 10 Coin 17 Bestsellers active 3
Bathhouse.wish Bathhouse CostFood 5 Coin 25 Bestsellers active 7
Cafateria.wish Cafeteria CostFood 10 Coin 12 Bestsellers active 2
Caravan Starclay tr 3 Coin 500 Bestsellers active ?
Cheese Factory Milk tr 7 Coin 1000 Bestsellers active ?
Coliseum.wish Coliseum CostFood 40 Coin 220 Bestsellers active 35 Dish Shop Starclay tr 5 Coin 500 Bestsellers active ? Flower Shop Frozen rainbow tr 5 Coin 75 Bestsellers active 20 Furniture Shop Suntile 5 Coin 50 Bestsellers active 20
Hotel.wish Hotel CostFood 30 Coin 100 Bestsellers active 20
Ice Cream Cafe Milk tr 7 Coin 1,000 Bestsellers active ?
Jewelry Shop Amber tr 1 Coin 1,000 Bestsellers active ?
Info Restaurant CostFood 40 Coin 700 Bestsellers active 70
Rocket Polunarium tr 8 Coin 700 Bestsellers active ?
Sewing Shop Fabric tr 5 Coin 1,300 Bestsellers active ? Shaman Shop CostFood 10 Coin 50 Bestsellers active 10
Spa.wish Spa CostFood 40 Coin 500 Bestsellers active 50
Solarium.wish Solarium Suntile 5 Coin 70 Bestsellers active 25
Theater.wish Theater CostFood 20 Coin 200 Bestsellers active 30
Volleyball.court.wish Volleyball Court CostFood 35 Coin 200 Bestsellers active 30
Info Wedding Arc ? Coin 25 Bestsellers active 5

More to come.....

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