When a villager is not working, they will occasionally request something. This is referred to as a wish.  When the wish is satisfied (by tapping the indicator above the villagers head) you earn Coin Gold and Bestsellers active Experience.

Please note:

  • That a wish can neither be requested or fulfilled if a deal is in progress in all the buildings of that type on that island.
  • If you have it set that all your buildings and decorations are invisible, any TribeZman sitting on a bench will also be invisible.

There are some Quests that require villagers' wishes to be filled.

Wish LocationsEdit

Icon Location Cost Reward Ancient Bar CostFood 2 Coin 6 Bestsellers active 1
Altar.of.feelings.wish Altar of Feelings CostFood 10 Coin 17 Bestsellers active 3
Bathhouse.wish Bathhouse CostFood 5 Coin 25 Bestsellers active 7
Cafateria.wish Cafeteria CostFood 10 Coin 12 Bestsellers active 2
Caravan.wish Caravan Starclay tr 3 Coin 500 Bestsellers active ?
Cheese.factory.wish Cheese Factory Milk tr 7 Coin 1,000 Bestsellers active ?
Coliseum.wish Coliseum CostFood 40 Coin 220 Bestsellers active 35 Dish Shop Starclay tr 5 Coin 500 Bestsellers active ? Flower Shop Frozen rainbow tr 5 Coin 75 Bestsellers active 20 Fun House Lavaglass tr 12 Coin 1,000 Bestsellers active 300 Furniture Shop Suntile 5 Coin 50 Bestsellers active 20
Grand.bonfire.wish Grand Bonfire Runestone tr 5 Coin 75 Bestsellers active 15
Hotel.wish Hotel CostFood 30 Coin 100 Bestsellers active 20
Ice Cream Cafe Milk tr 7 Coin 1,000 Bestsellers active ?
Jewelry Shop Amber tr 1 Coin 1,000 Bestsellers active ?
Rainbow.swing.wish Rainbow Swing Frozen rainbow tr 2 Coin 25 Bestsellers active 5
Restaurant.wish Restaurant CostFood 40 Coin 700 Bestsellers active 70
Rocket Polunarium tr 8 Coin 700 Bestsellers active ?
Sewing Shop Fabric tr 5 Coin 1,300 Bestsellers active ? Shaman Shop CostFood 10 Coin 50 Bestsellers active 10
Spa.wish Spa CostFood 40 Coin 500 Bestsellers active 50
Solarium.wish Solarium Suntile 5 Coin 70 Bestsellers active 25
Theater.wish Theater CostFood 20 Coin 200 Bestsellers active 30
Volleyball.court.wish Volleyball Court CostFood 35 Coin 200 Bestsellers active 30
Info Wedding Arc ? Coin 25 Bestsellers active 5 Zen Studio Runestone tr 2 Coin 100 Bestsellers active 25

More to come.....

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