This is your regular hard working villager of many trades in a village full of identical brothers. He has quests for you on Island of the Ancients and will have wishes for you to satisfy, cheer for you, hang in mid-air if you grab him, talk to his brothers, put out fires, get scared of Murlods, ride dinos, get married at the altar and wave a sign at you if the food suplly is short.

Trivia Edit

Villager's Animations Edit

  • Patch: When upgrading, he digs the field. When on deal, he walks around and waters crops.
  • Forester's Hut: He chops the wooden portion but it's chopping animation is slightly different.
  • Quarry: He was not seen when on deals, but he might be using a pick and has same mining animation of Foundry
  • Lumber Mill: He uses a saw to cut wood and make lumber.
  • Stone Processing Mill: Like Quarry, he is not seen when on deal. He might have same animation of deal in Marble Processing Mill.
  • Pig Farm, Ostrich Farm and Turkey Farm: Unlike real pig farming, he just walks around and around along with the pig/turkey/ostrich.
  • Marble Pit: Can't be seen on deals, but it is animation is same as quarry.
  • Apiary: Uses his hands to gather honey.
  • Sand Pit: Can't be seen on deals, but it is digging sand from underground to gather.
  • Marble Processing Mill - Uses his hammer to process marble.
  • Starclay Factory - Uses his hands to transfer starclay and operate the factory
  • Coral Mining - Uses harpoon to cut corals.
  • Laboratory - Uses his hands to heat sand.
  • Shard of Heaven Mine - Uses his pickaxe to mine shards. Has a unique mining sound.
  • Sky Circle - It shows as Shaman when in deals. It makes a soft thunder sound when in deals.
  • Foundry - Uses his pickaxe to mine copper. The villager mines copper but looks like a stone and colered orange could resemble copper ore.
  • Paint Factory - He mixes Paint using mixer but not shown how coral is processed into paint.
  • Coal Workshop - He uses pickaxe to directly mine coal. But not produces sounds unlike shard mine.
  • Polunarium Foundry - He uses a hoe - like tool to mix coal and copper to make polunarium.
  • Ancient Bar - He drinks cocktail when on deal.
  • Trampoline - He jumps over the trampoline as a act of entertainment.
  • Dino's Lair - He rides in a dino when on deal.
  • Bathhouse - He just relaxes when swimming in a hot water.
  • Trading Post - Could not seen when on deals, but it trades with other people exchange for gold.
  • Shaman Shop - He listens to shaman's prophecies to pay bigger money.
  • Theater - The villager sat in the chair while atching performances.
  • Athletes' Arena - Just uses excercising equipment for a fitness.
  • Sweets Shop - Drinks unique sweet drinks contain special recipes.
  • Hotel - There are three villagers. One has same animation as Ancient Bar, another is eating soups and lastly, another is walking around outside the hotel.
  • Caravan - He sways around while the dinos are carrying crates.
  • Sculptor - He uses Starclay tr starclay sa main tool and sculpting tool to sculpt sculptures.
  • Dish Shop - They make dishes made of Starclay tr starclay.
  • Volleyball Court - Quick, Standard and lengthy shows three villagers, while the long-term shows four. Two villagers are playing volleyball and the other sat in the chair.
  • Sewing Shop - He cuts Fabric tr fabric to make clothes using scissors. The sewer's shirt color is red unlike common blue ones.
  • Ice Cream Cafe - It has same animation as Sweets Shop
  • Observation Wheel - The villager is observing the wheel while the wheel is moving.
  • Coliseum - They are using shields and spears when on deal.
  • Hat Workshop - The villager uses Fabric tr fabric to make hat and they sew it.
  • Stuffed Animal Factory - Alike Hat Workshop, the villager also sews the toy.
  • Concert Hall - The villagers (boys) are using drums, flutes, dancing and singing and the girls are dancing when on long-term.
  • Spa - The villager will stay on the pond, while the other will lounge in the chair.
  • Restaurant - The villager will eat the meals, while the other will stand in the ordering section.
  • Laundromat - He will wash the clothes for a better profit.
  • Dojo - They will do a martial arts (taekwondo) as an entertainment and only two will be seen doing it.
  • Rocket - No villager will be seen when when on deal, but blinking lights will be seen
  • Dino Coaster - All the villagers will enter and ride the dino and they will got a better ride.

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