TribeZ Valentine's Day

Available for Android Feb 14 2013, available for ipad Feb13 2013.

What's New!Edit

Island1 Island of the Ancients

New Quests!Edit

Location: Island of the Ancients

Quest Title Requirements to Complete Rewards When it Appears
Explore Mysterious Passage in Cave to get to Piedmont Lands Takes 1:00:00 Coin 200
Bestsellers active 150
After finding items to build circus
Find Wax & Produce Candles 1. Find 8 Lumps of Wax on the Fields
2.Find 8 Silver Chains in the Quarry
3. Order 4 Standard Deals at the Lumber Mill
Coin 500 After exploring the cave
Find Valentine's Day Card 1. Find 5 Red Valentine's Day Cards
2. Find 4 Flower Baskets
3. Find 3 Fine Vases
Coin 250
Bestsellers active 100
Fulfill 10 Wishes at the Altar of Feelings Coin 500

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