Available for Android Feb 14th 2014, v1.67



  • Android launch on 2.14.14 with Timer 14 Day Duration (ENDED)

What's New!Edit

  • Fire Mountain (similar to Winter Glade)
  • New Volcanic/Ice Dino tab in the Map menu and in the Backpack (storage) menu
  • New Currency: Magma Balls, Volcanic Dinos, and Volcanic Keys
  • New Decorations: Vase of Chocolates, Symbol of Love, Wedding Tree, Romantic Swing, Fruity Gift, Fire Flower, Statue of Revelation, Flaming Tree
  • New Flag Decorations: Flags of Korea, Russia, France, Germany, Japan, China, USA, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, and Italy
  • Time limited Timer 24:00:00 Log into Google+ Reward: CostGem 20 (if not previously claimed)
Image New Items for Fire Mountain Contest* Where to Find Damage Points
Cigarette Lighter Patch 1
Torch Nice Hut 2
Fire Amulet House 3
Fire Shaman's Tambourine Mysterious Cave 4
Fire Totem Airplane 5
*Note: These 5 items for the Fire Mountain Contest are only available to drop on the Island1 Island of the Ancients

New Valentine Quests! across all islandsEdit

Quest Title Requirements to Complete Rewards When it Appears
Swings of Love 1. Build Romantic Swings
(costs: 700)
Bestsellers active 1,000
50 Magna Balls
50 Snowflakes
Launch of Valentine's Update
Decorations for the Celebration
1. Build Vases of Chocolate
(costs: 150)
Coin 300
Bestsellers active 200
Launch of Valentine's Update
Good Tradition
1. Accumulate 50 Valentine's Day Cards Bestsellers active 150
5 Magma Balls
5 Snowflakes
Launch of Valentine's Update
Symbol of Celebration
1. Build the Symbol of Love
(costs: 200)
Coin 400
Bestsellers active 250
After building a Vase of Chocolates
Gifts for Spirits
1. Activate the Bonus "Spirit of Affluence."
2. Activate the Bonus "Spirit of Knowledge."
3. Build 3 Idols
Coin 150
Bestsellers active 50 10
After building a Vase of Chocolates
Flower Nectar
1. Build 5 Flowerbeds
2. Put up 5 Blooming Trees
3. Fulfill 20 wishes in the Ancient Bar
Coin 250
Bestsellers active 90 10
After building a Vase of Chocolates
Most Popular Chief!
1. Add 2 neighbors Coin 200
Bestsellers active 80 10
After Gifts for Spirits
With all my heart
1. Order 10 Long-term Deals at the Trading Post Coin 150
Bestsellers active 50 10
After Most Popular Chief!
Celebration in Full Swing
1. CollectHouseIncomefrom the Hut 20 times
2. CollectHouseIncomefrom the Nice Hut 20 times
3. CollectHouseIncomefrom the House 20 times
Coin 250
Bestsellers active 90 10
After Flower Nectar
Good Tradition Good Tradition 1. Build the Wedding Tree
(costs: 300)
2. Fulfill 20 ritual wishes at the Altar of Feelings.
Coin 500
Bestsellers active 300
After Symbol of Celebration
Love Perfume
1. Build 3 Coffee Trees
2. Gather 10 portions of Coffee from the Coffee Tree
3. Order 5 Long-Term Deals at the Ancient Bar
Coin 300
Bestsellers active 100 10
After Symbol of Celebration
*This Valentine event quest chain is incomplete.

New Valentine Quests! for Island of the AncientsEdit

Quest Title Requirements to Complete Rewards When it Appears
Fire Mountain
1. Pick 3 Beautiful Flower Bouquets (cave)
2. Collect 5 Cocoa Candies (coffee tree)
3. Collect 9 Wooden Trinkets (forester hut)
Bestsellers active 50 1 1
Launch of Valentine's Update Setting Out 1. Explore the Mysterious Cave 9 times
2. Explore the Airplane 6 times
3. Collect 4 Wheat harvests from Patch
CostFood 30
Bestsellers active 40
Launch of Valentine's Update
Holiday Splash
1. Collect income from Bathhouse 7 times
2. Fulfil 7 Long-Term Deals in the Bathhouse
3. Fulfill 15 wishes at the Bathhouse
CostFood 50
Bestsellers active 35
After Setting Out
Gathering Income
1. CollectHouseIncomefrom the Cozy House 15 times
2. CollectHouseIncomefrom the House 25 times
3. CollectHouseIncomefrom the Nice Hut 5 times
Coin 90
Bestsellers active 100
After Holiday Splash
The Question of Wood
1. Chop Down 3 trees
2. Order 4 Long-Term Deals Forester's Hut
3. Collect profits from Forester's Hut 4 times.
Wood 230
Bestsellers active 30
After Gathering Income
Replenishing Supplies
1. Explores the Mysterious Cave 7 times
2. Explore the Airplane 8 times
3. Collect 8 Wheat harvests from Patch
Coin 60
Bestsellers active 150
After The Question of Wood
Altar.of.feelings.satisfy.wishes Party's cost 1. Celebrate 5 rituals at the Altar of Feelings
2. CollectHouseIncomefrom the Nice Hut 15 times
3. CollectHouseIncomefrom the Hut 25 times
Coin 120
Bestsellers active 50
After Replenishing Supplies
A Benevolent chief
1. Fulfill 15 wishes at the Bathhouse
2. Fulfill 15 wishes at the Ancient Bar
3. Fulfill 10 wishes at the Cafeteria
Wood 2 20
Bestsellers active 80
After Party's cost
More bars, more fun !
1. Build 3 Ancient Bar
2. Upgrade 3 Ancient Bar to level 4
3. Explore the Airplane 7 times
CostFood 40
Bestsellers active 50
After A benevolent chief
A surprise for Jamboa
1. Harvest coffee 50 times at the Coffee Tree
2. Harvest fruits 20 times at the Berry Bush
3. Explore the Mysterious Cave 6 times
5 Cocoa Candies
3 Beautiful Flower Bouquets
9 Wooden Trinkets
After More bars, more fun !
Replenishing Supplies
1. Collect 12 Watermelons harvests from the Patch
2. Collect 8 pumpkins harvests from the Patch
3. Fulfill 15 Quick Deals at the Ancient Bar
Bestsellers active 80 After a Surprise for Jamboa
Good Leader
1. Fulfill 9 wishes in the Bathhouse
2. Fulfill 17 wishes at the Cafeteria
3. Fulfill 12 wishes at the Ancient Bar
Bestsellers active 130 After Replenishing Supplies
Fountain of Trysts
1. Build the Fountain of Trysts and upgrade it to Level 4 Bestsellers active 100 After Fire Mountain
Fire Orb (#1)
1. Place the Fire Orb
2. Explore the Fire Orb 3 times
3. Collect 5 Volcanic keys
CostFood 20
Bestsellers active 50
After Fire Mountain
Fire Orb (#2)
Explore the Fire Orb 3 times
Timer 2:00:00 CostFood 40 Coin 100 HumanHead 2
Bestsellers active 130
5 Volcanic Keys
After Good Leader
Fire Seeds Find 5 Fire Seeds (inside marble chest) Bestsellers active 60 After Fire Orb
An ever more lovely Fountain
1. Upgrade the Fountain of Trysts to level 2
Timer 6:00:00 HumanHead 3
(5 Fire Seed, 1 Ice dino, 1 Volcanic Dino)
Bestsellers active 70 After Fire Orb
*This Valentine event quest chain is incomplete.

In Game DialogueEdit

  • Aurora: "It's a wonderful day today! The islands are celebrating the holiday of love and friendship! Congratulations, Chief!"
  • Aurora: "Visit your friends' villages, collect Valentine's Day Cards and swap them for unique romantic buildings!"
  • Aurora: "The higher your reputation, the more Valentine's Day Cards you can receive from your neighbors!"


  • This update will require new downloads from the GI server for each island.
  • You can only access the Fire Mountain contest from Island of the Ancients, unlike Winter Glade which can be accessed when on any island.

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