UFO or unidentified flying object


  • coming soon!


  • Used in Quests
  • Starts off with needing to expand to the area. Cost: Coin 250k


  • Initial Explore: Timer 6:24:00 CostFood 1,000 Coin 20,000 HumanHead 5 - CostAccelerate Speed up! CostGem 20
    • Reward: Bestsellers active 500 Experience Points
  • Explore: Timer 1:00:00 CostFood 200 Coin 2,000 HumanHead 1 - CostAccelerate Speed up! CostGem 2
    • Income: Bestsellers active 100 Experience Points


  • Professor: Investigate the UFO anomaly. "Investigate the local source of anomalies."
    • Investigate the UFO anomaly. Coin 250k
  • Collect Gifts for the Bedouin's Wife

Quest ItemsEdit

On Explore
Beads (20%)
CD (50%)
Crystal Journal (40%)
Doll (20%)
Factory Blueprint (30%)
Gravisnatch (20%)
Laptop (20%)
Map of the Depths (40%)
Mutaplasm (20%)
Pump (30%)
Teddy Bear (20%)
Translocator (20%)
*Quest Item droprate % assumes related quest is ACTIVE and Spirit of Great Fortune is INACTIVE.


  • Size: Size 3x3
  • Can be found on: Island3 Area 1, Island6 Area 2
  • This unit is not movable.


English UFO
Russian НЛО
German UFO
French OVNI
Spanish OVNI
Italian Ufo
Portuguese OVNI
Chinese 飞碟
Korean UFO
Japanese UFO

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