Treasure Hunters house 2

Treasure Hunters House produces various items



This building costs real money. U.S. $5.00


  • Deal: CostFood 350 HumanHead 10 Timer 20:00
  • CostAccelerate Speed Up! Cost: CostGem 3

This building returns 2 chests with various rewards in them.

It drops a single gem about 1 in 8 runs, 1-5 gem shards about 9 times out of 10, and some coins. Decorations are also dropped, and have included: Pretty Flowerbed, Star Tile, Woman with Statue, White Flower, Horizontal Expensive Fence, Vertical Expensive Fence, Dino Bush, Vase, and Gargoyle.


  • Size: Size 2x2


English Treasure Hunters House

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