Tournament palace

Tournament Palace allows you to join tournaments, to gain some CostGem gems

Requirements Edit

Construction Edit

  • Build: CostFood1500 Coin30,000

Tournaments Edit

  1. Competition Participants Tournament

You can earn Medals for every activity in competition

Receive medals for:

  • Starting a competition
  • Using competition items
  • Using Trumpets of victory
  • Building competition themed decos

2. Pets Tournament

You can earn medals by using pet shop and interacting with your pets

Receive medals for:

  • Fulfilling your pet's wishes
  • Ordering deals at Pet Shop
  • Building pet themed decos

3. Flowers Tournament

You can earn medals for every activity relating to Miraculous Bloom

Receive medals for:

  • Helping flowers
  • Activating collections

4. Farmers Tournament

You will earn medals for every activity done at Farmer's Bay

Receive medals for:

  • Planting trees
  • Ordering deals at Farmer's bay buildings
  • Sending ancient Mammoth on walks

Trivia Edit

  • Size: Size 4x4
  • Maximum number per island: 1
  • Available on these islands:Island1
  • You must be connected to the Internet to join a tournament.
  • Every tournament lasts 3 days, and happens once in a week.
  • The player can earn gems by being 1st to 30th in ranking, with the most gems given to the player in first place.
  • To receive gems the player needs to reach the number of medals required, roughly 250-300. Even if the player ranks 1st to 30th but didn't reach the number of medals required, no gems will be given.

Localization Edit

English Tournament Palace

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