Available for Android Nov 28th 2013, v1.53



  • Android launch on 11.28.13 and has Timer 10 Day Duration, must be at least Bestsellers active Level 10 to participate.
  • The natives are celebrating Turkey Day! Help them build a Big Brazier so they can cook up a delicious turkey!
  • Dont Miss Black Friday -- a day of promotional sales and unique discounts like no other!
    • A huge fair will be held on this day

What's New!Edit

  • New NPC - Paolu (chef traveling the world)
  • Theres a new building at the store -- the Turkey Farm!

New Quests! for Island of the AncientsEdit

Quest Title Requirements to Complete Rewards When it Appears
Assemble the components of a Big Brazier
1. Find BigTurkeyDay.Crossbeams 5 Crossbeams by
Ordering Deals in the Fields
2. Find BigTurkeyDay.BrazierComponents 6 Brazier Components by Ordering Deals in the Ancient Bar
Coin 1,500
Bestsellers active 600
Cut marble res 30
After Thanksgiving Update
Find firewood and a spit for the Big Brazier
1. Find 10 bundles of Select Firewood by ordering deals in the Forester's Hut
2. Find BigTurkeyDay.Spit 4 Spits by ordering deals
at the Lumber Mill
Coin 1,800
Bestsellers active 750
Lumber 2 75
Big.brazier 1*
After assembling the Components of Big Brazier
Find products to cook the Big Turkey
1. Find 8 Bowls of Spices by ordering deals in the Trading Post
2. Find 5 servings of Cranberry Sauce by ordering deals at the Bathhouse
Coin 2,000
Bestsellers active 900
Cutstone 2 50
After finding firewood and a spit for the Big Brazier Big Turkey 1. Find 3 Whole Turkeys by ordering deals at Dino's Lair
2. Find 10 servings of Veggies for Stuffing by ordering deals in the Fields
Coin 2,500
Bestsellers active 1,000
Send tr 40
After finding firewood and a spit for the Big Brazier
Prep the Big Brazier to roast the turkey
1. Prep the Big Brazier to roast the Turkey
(will require all items from Big Turkey)
(roasting the turkey takes Timer 24:00:00)
Coin 3,500
Bestsellers active 1,500
Marblepro 2 150
Coral tr 100
After finding all items
Big.brazier *Big Brazier is placed into Warehouse. You'll need to place it out on your island.

Big Turkey Bake Edit

Lvl Timer HouseIncome
1 24:00:00 Coin 500-750 Bestsellers active ?? Cutstone 2 10-100
Cut marble res 10-100 Send tr 5-50 Coral tr 5-50
2 24:00:00 ??

For items received, this may vary. Exact quantity or range not yet determined.

Big Turkey acts likes a Berry or Coffee Tree - collect items, then initiate another 24 hour cycle. It is not yet known if the Big Turkey will reamin permanently or remains for a limited time only.

It would appear after the event it will Cost: CostFood 2,000 Lumber 2 500 Coin 10,000 to Roast!

Black Friday Deals (ENDED)Edit

Image Name -70% Price Original Price
Copper tr 300 Copper CostGem 15 CostGem 50
Glass tr 200 Glass CostGem 15 CostGem 50
Paint tr 200 Paint CostGem 15 CostGem 50
Coral tr 300 Coral CostGem 15 CostGem 50
Marblepro 2 200 Cut Marble CostGem 15 CostGem 50
Send tr 500 Sand CostGem 15 CostGem 50
Cut marble res 300 Marble CostGem 15 CostGem 50
Stone 2 500 Stone CostGem 15 CostGem 50
HumanHead 15 Guest Workers CostGem 6 CostGem 20
Lumber 2 300 Lumber CostGem 15 CostGem 50
Cutstone 2 240 Cut Stone CostGem 15 CostGem 50
CostFood 2000 Food CostGem 15 CostGem 50 Turkey Farm NEW CostGem 12 CostGem 40
Sun.lounger Sun Lounger CostGem 4 CostGem 15
Swimming.pool Swimming Pool CostGem 6 CostGem 20
Fountain Fountain CostGem 3 CostGem 9
Pond Pond CostGem 4 CostGem 14
Pagoda Pagoda NEW CostGem 12 CostGem 40 Dojo NEW CostGem 13 CostGem 45
Gazebo Gazebo CostGem 5 CostGem 17
Ice.hill Ice Hill CostGem 7 CostGem 25 Expensive House CostGem 9 CostGem 30 DinoPark CostGem 12 CostGem 40 Athletes' Arena CostGem 12 CostGem 40 Mill CostGem 6 CostGem 20
Scarecrow Scarecrow CostGem 3 CostGem 9 Berry Bush CostGem 6 CostGem 20 Trampoline CostGem 7 CostGem 25

In Game DialogueEdit

Aurora: "Chief, Big Turkey Day is coming! The villagers want to celebrate it on the Island of the Ancients. Help them!"
Aurora: "Our villagers love Big Turkey Day!"
Aurora: "Let's help them celebrate it properly by preparing a big turkey!"
Aurora: "We won't make it without your help!"
Paolu : "Good day! My name is Paolu. I am a chef, traveling the world in search of new recipes."
Paolu : "I heard about the Big Turkey holiday, and I just couldn't stay away!"
Aurora : "Well met, Paolu! We could definitely use some help!"
Paolu : "Please, allow me to take part in preparing this special dish!"
Paolu : "For starters, let's build as big a brazier as we can, and stock up on select firewood as well!"
Aurora: "I had no idea that a dish's taste begins with selection of firewood!"

Activates quest "Assemble the components of a Big Brazier" Paolu: To truly cook a big turkey, you need a big brazier!