July 2nd, 2013Edit


Available for Android - Google Play v1.37 & Available for iOS v1.5.11

  • Celebrate the Day of Free Natives on the islands!
  • Complete new quests, search for unique items, and build the holiday surprise building!
  • The Summer has come to the islands again!
  • Fair Improvements


  • Kuokki arrives on Island1 Island of the Ancients with this all new limited celebration. NEW
  • Everything is almost ready, but they need your help! Celebration includes fireworks, that is why tribesmen want to build a Festive Cannon!
  • (please note that you can join celebration starting level 10 only)
  • Celebration ended on Saturday, July 13th @ 4pm EST

New QuestsEdit

Quest Title Requirements to Complete Rewards When it Appears
"Lost Blueprints."

Collect Details of the Festive Cannon
Summer.update.s1p1.formulas Find 10 Notes with Formulas in the Fields
Summer.update.s1p3.calculation.lists Find 6 Notes with Calculations at Forester's Hut
Find 8 Notes with Diagrams, that were stolen by the winds (dissipate vortex)*
Coin 1000
Bestsellers active 250
Summer Update 2013
"Big Cannonade."

Arm the Cannon Find 8 Cannon pieces at the Lumber Mill
Summer.update.s2p2.powder.kegs Find 6 Barrels of Gunpowder at the Stone Pit
Summer.update.s2p3.cannonballs Find 4 Cannonballs in the Mysterious Cave
Coin 1,300
Bestsellers active 300
Glass tr 50
After Lost Blueprints
Build the Grand Cannon
Timer 8:00:00 CostFood 250 Coin 1,500Wood 2200 HumanHead 1
CostAccelerate Speed-up! CostGem 16, Size: Size 2x2 Max: 1
Coin 5,000
Bestsellers active 500
Paint tr 75
After Big Cannonade
"Celebration Charges."

Find the Festive Props
Summer.update.s3p1.signal.flags Find 7 Signal Flags at the Ancient Bar
Summer.update.s3p2.gunner.uniform Find 5 Gunner Uniforms at Dino's Lair
Summer.update.s3p3.festive.wig Find 3 Festive Wigs at the Bathhouse
Coin 2000
Bestsellers active 250
After Building Cannon
"Sparkling Fun."
1. Charge the Cannon Timer 1:00:00 Coin 3,000
Bestsellers active 750
Copper tr 80
After Celebration Charges
Time to Celebrate!
You have 10 Firework Charges
You will receive resources after every shot
Recharge Time: Timer 24:00:00
Marblepro 21st
Paint tr 2nd
?? 3rd
After Sparkling Fun
*Special vortexes will spawn from the center of starting area for this event, those that spawn from alchemist area do not drop quest items.
*Spawn rate of quest vortex appears to be every ~3:00
*Defensive Tower will work and drops will occur.