Subway Cart



  • Initial Explore: Timer 2:00:00 CostFood 2,000 Coin 1,000,000 HumanHead 4 - CostAccelerate Speed Up! CostGem 6
    • Reward: Bestsellers active 1,000 Experience Points
  • Explore: Timer 5:00:00 CostFood 1,000 Coin 30,000 HumanHead 1 - CostAccelerate Speed Up! CostGem 15
    • Income: Bestsellers active 250 Experience Points

Quest ItemsEdit

On Explore
Gold Nugget (12%)
*Quest Item drop rate % assumes related quest is ACTIVE and Spirit of Great Fortune is INACTIVE.


  • Size: Size 6x2
  • Can be found on: Island7 Area ??
  • This unit is not movable.


English Subway Cart
Russian Вагон метро
German U-Bahnwagen
French Rame de métro
Spanish Vagón de metro
Italian Vagone metro
Portuguese Vagão de metrô
Chinese 地铁车
Korean 지하철 카트
Japanese 地下鉄車両