Starclay Factory produces Starclay tr Starclay.



Lvl Timer Build / Upgrade Cost Income CostAccelerate
1 4:00:00 CostFood 1,500 Send tr 750 Coin 15,000 HumanHead 4 Bestsellers active ?? CostGem ??
2 3:00 CostFood 1,600 Starclay tr 500 Coin 35,000 HumanHead 4 Bestsellers active ?? CostGem ??
3 3:00:00 CostFood 1,700 Starclay tr 750 Coin 45,000 HumanHead 4 Bestsellers active ?? CostGem ??
4 8:00:00 CostFood 1,800 Starclay tr 1,500 Coin 55,000 HumanHead 4 Bestsellers active ?? CostGem ??


Lvl Deal Timer Cost Income Earn Rate* CostAccelerate
1 Quick 20:00 CostFood 250 Marblepro 2 40 Send tr 70 HumanHead 4 Starclay tr 20 Bestsellers active 300 Starclay tr 15/hr CostGem ??
2 Standard 40:00 CostFood 500 Marblepro 2 90 Send tr 150 HumanHead 4 Starclay tr 40 Bestsellers active 500 Starclay tr15/hr CostGem ??
3 Lengthy 1:00:00 CostFood 750 Marblepro 2 130 Send tr 200 HumanHead 4 Starclay tr 50 Bestsellers active 1,000 Starclay tr12.5/hr CostGem ??
4 Long-Term 2:00:00 CostFood 1,500 Marblepro 2 270 Send tr 450 HumanHead 4 Starclay tr 90 Bestsellers active 1,500 Starclay tr 11.25/hr CostGem 36
*Earn Rate /hr assumes perfect collection and is calculated per worker. (excludes collection and preparation time)


  • Size: Size 3x3
  • Maximum number per island: unlimited
  • Available on these islands: Island1 Island2 Island3
  • Added within December 2014 Update

Strategies Edit

  • In most situations, starclay is not easy to produce. You need to have a number of sand pits and marble mines to produce starclay. And don't forget you also need cut marble.
  • Since it doesn't produce starclay in high amounts, it is not advised to order deals on Dish Shop or any other starclay-cost buildings that generate gold, such as Caravan and Sculptor except if you want to complete quest referring to those buildings since you are netting negative amount of gold because the gold cost to produce items that are needed to produce starclay costs much gold than the gold generated by these buildings.
  • Building decos made of starclay is not advised, unless you need it, since it costs a lot starclay for low happiness cost.


English Starclay Factory
German Sternenlehmfabrik
Chinese 星星粘土工厂
Korean 스타클레이 공장

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