Build these Social Buildings to increase the level of happiness in your village.
Misc active

Social Building OptionsEdit

Image Structure HappinessBarHead Cauldron 30 Cafeteria 230 Altar of Feelings 250 School 400 Sun Dial 600
Dino Nursery 500
Holiday Palace 1,500 Museum 800
Bronze Bell 1,200
Pot.with.punch Pot with Punch 45 Art Gallery 1,000 Tax 400 Post Office 1,600 Grand Bonfire NEW 2,000 Police 2,400
Ancient Library 3,000
Ancient Campsite 3,500 Recruitment Office 3,200
Kindergarten 4,500 Hospital 4,000 Observatory 4,000 Fun House 5,000 Curia 5,000 Fire Station 6,000
Moon Bar 7,000
Wedding Arc Limited Item! (ENDED) 300

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