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Aprils Fools Shaman

This somewhat incomprehensible character welcomes you on the Ancestors' Atoll where he resides in a simple hut. He will help you with a drawing of the Light House.

He also turns the pirates into ghosts for stealing the Moon Goddess Necklace on Piedmont Lands.  He also showed up in the April Fool's Update and gives you the time limited quests of the God of Fun.

In Island of the Ancients, he is being chased by murlods in far east and asks help to chase them away. He is also responsible of making gems out of shards in Sky Circle. He presents these things as requirement for Concert Hall:

Trivia Edit

  • The shaman in Shaman Shop is mask that is exclusively related to shaman
  • The shaman's shop Wish mask's texture is slightly different from the Shaman
  • He also appears in Theater and Sky Circle

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