Portal Arch
Portal Arch.



  • On Initial Exploration: Timer 12:00:00 CostFood 2,000 Coral tr 500 Coin 300,000 HumanHead 5 - CostAccelerate Speed Up! CostGem 36
    • Reward: Bestsellers active 500 Experience Points
  • On Exploration: Timer 1:00:00 CostFood 200 Coin 2,000 HumanHead 1 - CostAccelerate Speed Up! CostGem 3
    • Income: Bestsellers active 50 Experience Points

Quest ItemsEdit

No quest items.


  • Size: Size 2x2
  • Can be found on: Island1 Area 22 Island4 Area ??
  • This unit is not movable.


English Portal Arch
Russian Арка портала
German Bogenportal
French Arche
Spanish Portal
Italian Arco portale
Portuguese Arco do portal
Chinese 门户拱
Korean 아치형 입구
Japanese ポータルアーチ

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