You don' need all them neighbor's to play Tribez. This is why I play this game, you don't have to ask anyone for items to do quest. Many people think that you have to have a lot of neighbors for Farmers Bay, I have only 3 neighor's and I am at level 100, when I started this island I only had two. When you get to the quest new neighbors, you will have to spend gems, I get this buy watching ads though my game each day. After you do this quest, new ones should come up.

Make sure you keep your ancient market going as much as you can, I made the mistake of upgrading it to a high level, I would keep it at a level that uses something you don't use very often for as long as I could. As soon as you get enough exotic juice( I planted pineapple bushes), eggs, and fish, start sending the mammoth on his journey.

After you have completed all the request, I think you have to upgrade main building first, and you have the needed amber,eggs, and fish, you can start restoring the house on piles (After you buy the land of course).

In order to get the exotic juice that I need , I planed 3 pineapple bushes and use my 3 neighbour's when it lets me, I have also started planting mango trees with all that seed and dressing the ancient market gives you. After only using my 3 neighbour's for a while and not getting anywhere fast, I started planting and replanting mango trees. How I do this is plant as many as I can, you get exotic juice sometimes when you plant them,then you can harvest them an get some more juice. Since I can not buy anymore without upgrading the main building to level 12, I just demolish the plants when their done and buy some more.

In order to get more workers , I had 11, needed more , I kept sending the mammoth on a journey and collecting fish and eggs until I had enough to build 8 house on piles, which gave me 16 more workers.

You do not have to buy the land that has the mango tree on it in order to get exotic juice, I have not bought it as of now, I just bought the area with the silk farm on it.

For those that say they're not going to do Farmers Bay, well right now I have found a few quest on other islands that you need things produced off of Farmers Bay to complete, so good luck, unless your willing to spend gems.