Mother's Day

May 07 2013Edit

Available on Apple Store
Quote from TribeZ Facebook page for iPad: Dear players! Please update your game to get access to the upcoming event - the Big Fair! It'll be open for players that have reached level 4 and higher. Also, The Ashy Islands need your help again, so Aero has prepared a bunch of new quests for you. Fulfill the special tasks to celebrate Mother's Day!

"Mothers' Day"

You must reach level 15 before you can participate in this bonus!

"The spring fills our hearts with tenderness! Celebrate Mothers' Day together with the Natives! Help the Tribe from Ashy Islands obtain cute Dinos and receive a Suprise Chest as your reward!"  

Social QuestsEdit

  • Time limited Timer 24:00:00 Log into Facebook Reward: CostGem 20 (if not previously claimed)
  • Time limited Timer 24:00:00 Log into Twitter Reward: CostGem 20 (if not previously claimed)

New QuestsEdit

Quest Title Requirements to Complete Rewards When it Appears
Help Aero take Flight
Timer 240:00:00 limited
1. Help Aero to take off on his flight from
the Island1 Island of the Ancients
Coin 3,000
Bestsellers active 300
Cut marble res 250
Initial Step
Find 30 Dino Eggs
1. Find 30 Dino Eggs in the Mysterious Cave (dino eggs already in backpack WILL count) Coin 1,000
Bestsellers active 100
After Initial Step
Find Equipment for Hatching Dinos at Ashy Islands 1. Find 10 Bales of Straw in the Fields
2. Find 8 Cargo Boxes at the Lumber Mill
3. Find 6 Incubators in the Airplane
4. Find 3 Mosquitos in Amber at Trading Post
Coin 1,200
Bestsellers active 200
Cutstone 2 250
After collecting dino eggs
Launch Aeros Balloon 1. Launch the Balloon Timer 3:20:00 Coin ??
Bestsellers active ??
After finding Launch Items
Insert Next Quest Info Here Box 1 Insert Next Quest Info Here Box 2 Coin ??
Bestsellers active ??
Insert After Info Here