Milkman's Hut producesMilk tr Milk



This building costs real money. U.S. $4.99


Deal Timer Cost Income CostAccelerate
Quick 30:00 Coin 3,500 HumanHead 2 Milk tr25 Bestsellers active 100 CostGem 57
Standard 1:00:00 Coin 7,000 HumanHead 2 Milk tr50 Bestsellers active 250 CostGem 104
Lengthy 2:00:00 Coin 14,000 HumanHead 2 Milk tr150 Bestsellers active 300 CostGem 142
Long-Term 4:00:00 Coin 28,000 HumanHead 2 Milk tr300 Bestsellers active 500 CostGem 162


  • Size: Size 3x3
  • Maximum number per island: unlimited
  • Available on these islands: Island1 Island2 Island3 Island4 Island5 Island6 Island7 Farmers Bay tr

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