Mathilda is a wonder in Ancestors' Atoll that trades you rewards in exchange of your treats to this thing.

Treats Edit

This creature must be woken up before the treat exchange starts. It takes Timer 48:00:00 or CostGem 40 before you can wake it up.

Here is the table for Mathilda treats and exchanges:

Level Cost Reward
1 Starclay tr140 CostFood 250 either cookie, croissant or berry 6 Coin 10k varies
2 Starclay tr170 CostFood 400 either cookie, croissant or berry 12 Coin 20k varies
3 Coral tr 300 CostFood 700 either cookie, croissant or berry 21 Coin 40k varies

Trivia Edit

  • Size: ??
  • Maximum number per island: 1
  • Available on these islands: Island4
  • This unit is not movable

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