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Initial ResourcesEdit

  • CostFood 500 Food
  • Stone 2 500 Stone
  • Lumber 2 400 Lumber
  • Coin Gold shared across game
  • Bestsellers active XP shared
  • CostGem Gems shared
  • HumanHead 3
  • 500 Warehouse Capacity


There are a total of 13 locked areas on this Island:

Marble Fiord territories
# Name* Coordinates** Size Cost: Coin and resources Cost: CostGem
1 Bandit Igloo Area (22, 0) 7x20 Coin 60,000 CostGem 120
2 Pirate Ship Area (29, 0) 12x31 Coin 120,000 CostGem 140
3 Down Area (5, 27) 17x10 Coin 20,000 CostGem 100
4 Elder's Hut Area (22, 20) 7x17 Coin 40,000 CostGem 120
5 Tiger's Area (29, 25) 17x12 Coin 50,000 CostGem 120
6 Broken Idol Area (9, 37) 20x12 Coin 80,000 CostGem 140
7 Mysterious Tunnel Area (29, 37) 24x12 Coin 160,000 CostGem 150
8 Burning Coliseum Area (41, 0) 18x20 Coin 3,000,000 CostGem 130
9 area 9 (46, 25) 21x12 Coin 100,000 Rainbow shavings tr 50 CostGem 120
10 Murlod Area (41, 11) 22x14 Coin 2,000,000 CostGem 100
14 New Winter Area (53, 37) 19x22 Coin 2,500,000 CostGem 140
15 Yeti Area (33, 49) 20x22 Coin 1,300,000 CostGem 160
16 Winter Tree Area (15, 49) 18x22 Coin 150,000 CostGem 150
Total: 72x71 Coin 9,580,000 Rainbow shavings tr 50 CostGem 1,690
*Italicized Name is based on it's index. Otherwise, they are based on events that happens in that area.
**Coordinates are based on the map's coordinates.

Basic MonumentsEdit

Advanced MonumentsEdit


Strategies Edit

  • Unlike in any other island, patches are not available here. Using a Pig Farm is the best way to gather enough food other than berry bushes. If you have enough gems, a Turkey Farm could be a good idea. Sending some food to this island from Island of the Ancients can also be good, but only in early levels.
  • Wild Berry Bushes don't grow here, ano neither do mushrooms; plan to build a pig farm or explore to an area with a pig farm. For those just arrived to this island, purchasing expansion area 3 is really a big advantage, because a level 2 pig farm is found there.
  • Getting Marble Pits on this island is not easy, because it requires Main building level 8 but your main building level when you visit this is 6, so upgrade your cottages and mansions to level 4 to enable upgrading your main building. To find out how to enable the Marble Pit quest, go to this page: Marble Fiord Quests
  • Any Farmer's Bay related building is unavailable here, such as Fazenda and Sewing Shop. Moon Graphite, Treble Clef, Lava Glass and Moon Graphite buildings are also not available on this island.


  • There are actually 16 locked areas. For some reason, area 11, area 12 and area 13 are missing or were merged to other areas.
  • During a previous update, Marble Fiord was changed to Marble Fjord.
  • What is concealed behind the frosty mist? Why, it’s a new territory on the Marble Fjord! Exciting adventures await! (2 new territories are located in the far southeast and cost Coin 5.5M & Coin 7M)
    Introduced with the Halloween Update 2013
  • It is the island that doesn't support some buildings and decorations, like Wool tr Wool - cost buildings, Lavaglass tr Lava Glass - cost buildings and Moon graphite tr Moon Graphite - cost buildings.
  • It is the only island that allows Alchemy Lab to be built here.


English Marble Fjord
Russian Мраморный Фьорд
German Marmor-Fjord
French Fjord de Marbre
Spanish Fiordo de Mármol
Italian Fiordo di Marmo
Portuguese Bahia de Mármore
Chinese 大理石峡湾
Korean 마블 피오르드
Japanese マーブルフィヨルド