• The Mammoth is found on Farmers Bay in territory 5.
  • In order to upgrade the Mammoth to Elite, you need CostGem 80. Upgrading the Mammoth to Elite will give you 30% more resources in your reward.


Deal Cost Income CostAccelerate
Short Journey CostFood 200 Ostrich egg tr 75 Trout tr 50 Juice tr 25 Amber tr 20 CostGem ??
Medium Journey CostFood 350 Ostrich egg tr 600 Trout tr 500 Juice tr 300 Amber tr 30 CostGem ??
Long Journey CostFood 500 Ostrich egg tr 5000 Trout tr 4000 Juice tr 3,500 Amber tr 45 CostGem ??

Each journey must be done in order within 24 hours, or they reset to the beginning. After the short journey is run, only the medium journey may be run until either the medium journey is run or the 24 hour clock runs out. Same with the long journey after the medium journey is run.

After the long journey is run, the deal resets to the short journey. The journeys return amber and random items may also be received. These items may include dino competition items, Spirit booster items, or pet items. Longer journeys may also return better items.


Main Page: Farmer's Bay Quests

  • You must have completed Add 1 Neighbour quest to unlock it
  • After unlocking, you will receive a quest about deploying this on short, medium then long journey
  • Completing this will unlock Mango Tree quest and it's requirement.


  • Size: Size 4x4
  • Can be found on: Farmers Bay tr
  • This unit is not movable.