Lava Well. It's not easy to get lava glass, but it can be done on Murlod Island.

Requirements Edit

Construction Edit

Lvl Timer Build / Upgrade Cost Income CostAccelerate
1 10:00:00 CostFood 1,800 Glass tr 750 Coin 75k HumanHead 9 Bestsellers active 3,000 CostGem 20
2 4:00:00 CostFood 1,500 Lavaglass tr 500 Coin 40k HumanHead 6 Bestsellers active 2,000 CostGem 8
3 6:00:00 CostFood 2,000 Lavaglass tr 1,000 Coin 50k HumanHead 6 Bestsellers active 2,000 CostGem 12
4 8:00:00 CostFood 2,500 Lavaglass tr 1,500 Coin 80k HumanHead 6 Bestsellers active 2,000 CostGem 16
Total cost CostFood 7,800 Lavaglass tr 3,000 Glass tr 750 Coin 245k
Elite Instant CostGem 20 Bestsellers active 3,000
Exclusive Instant CostGem 55 Bestsellers active 2,000 Mysticaldust1

Deals Edit


Deal Timer Cost Income Earn Rate* CostAccelerate
1 Quick 30:00 Glass tr 20 Coral tr 60 HumanHead 5 Lavaglass tr 35 Bestsellers active 600 Lavaglass tr 14 /hr CostGem 6
2 Standard 1:00:00 Glass tr 35 Coral tr 100 HumanHead 5 Lavaglass tr 60 Bestsellers active 800 Lavaglass tr 12 /hr CostGem 12
3 Lengthy 2:30:00 Glass tr 80 Coral tr 240 HumanHead 5 Lavaglass tr 130 Bestsellers active 1,300 Lavaglass tr 10.4 /hr CostGem 25
4 Long-Term 6:00:00 Glass tr 150 Coral tr 550 HumanHead 6 Lavaglass tr 250 Bestsellers active 1,600 Lavaglass tr 6.94 /hr CostGem 51
*Earn Rate /hr assumes perfect collection and is calculated per worker. (excludes collection and preparation time)


  • Size: Size 3x3
  • Maximum number per island: unlimited
  • Available on this island: Island5

Strategies Edit

  • Before you will set up lava glass production, you have to increase production of marble and sand as lava glass costs coral and glass. Coral costs marble and Glass costs sand.
  • Lava Glass is often needed mostly at construction, clearing lava debris like blockage, geyser and lava pool and building decos. However, lava production is not easy. It may take many months or even years to complete lava production. Do not worry and do the progress step by step.


English Lava Well
Chinese 溶岩井
Korean 용암 우물

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