Lava Lamp Shop

A Lava Lamp Shop

Lava Lamp Shop. Everyone dreams of owning of their very own lava lamp. Lava is in this season; in lamps, that is!


  • Adds HappinessBarHead 400



Timer Cost Reward CostAccelerate
1 30:00 CostGem 75 HumanHead 5 Bestsellers active 2,500 Coin 1,500 CostGem 1
2 1:00:00 Coin 75,000 Lavaglass tr 750 HumanHead 6 Bestsellers active 2,200 Coin 1,000 CostGem 2
3 2:00:00 Coin 100k Lavaglass tr 1,750 HumanHead 8 Bestsellers active 2,200 Coin 1,000 CostGem 4
4 4:00:00 Coin 120k Lavaglass tr 2,750 HumanHead 9 Bestsellers active 2,200 Coin 1,000 CostGem 8

Deals Edit


Deal Timer Cost Income Earn Rate* CostAccelerate
1 Quick 1:30:00 Lavaglass tr 35 HumanHead 4 Coin 20k Bestsellers active 600 Coin 3,333/hr CostGem 54
2 Standard 3:00:00 Lavaglass tr 100 HumanHead 4 Coin 35k Bestsellers active 800 Coin 2,917/hr CostGem 67
3 Lengthy 5:00:00 Lavaglass tr 180 HumanHead 4 Coin 55k Bestsellers active 1,000 Coin 2,750/hr CostGem 81
4 Long-Term 8:00:00 Lavaglass tr 400 HumanHead 5 Coin 85k Bestsellers active 1,500 Coin 2,125/hr CostGem 95
*Earn Rate /hr assumes perfect collection by a single worker (excludes collection and preparation time).


  • Size: Size 3x3
  • Maximum number per island: unlimited
  • Each wish satisfied earns Coin 1,200 and costs Lavaglass tr 10.
  • Available on these islands: Island1 Island2 Island3 Island4 Island5 Island6 Island7

Quests Edit

When a Lava Lamp Shop has been built, there will be a series of quests for you to do.

Quest Title Requirements to Complete Rewards When it Appears
Joke of the Day
  1. Order 2 Quick Deals Lava Lamp Shop
  2. Order 5 Long-Term Deals Piano
Bestsellers active 2,500
Daffidil tr 1
After Building a Lava Lamp Shop
Pleasant Impressions
  1. Fulfill 10 Lava Lamp Shop wishes
  2. Grant 10 Musical Wishes
Bestsellers active 1,300 After Building a Lava Lamp Shop
Everything for a Normal Life
  1. Fulfill 7 Wishes at the Hotel
  2. Fulfill 8 Wishes at the Bathhouse
  3. Order 4 Long-Term Deals Lava Lamp Shop
Bestsellers active 2,000
Wool tr 10
After Pleasant Impressions
Colorful Purchases
  1. Order 4 Quick Deals at the Lava Lamp Shop
  2. Fulfill 5 Wishes Lava Lamp Shop
  3. Fulfill 8 Wishes at Glassworks
Bestsellers active 3,200 After Everything for a Normal Life


English Lava Lamp Shop
Chinese 熔岩灯商店

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