Hut or savage hut.

Repair costEdit

Jamboa's HutEdit

  • Timer 3:00
  • CostFood 50
  • Stone 2 60
  • Coin 200
  • HumanHead 1


  • Bestsellers active 30

Earning informationEdit

Lvl Timer Income Earn Rate Quest Item
1 5:00 Coin 15 Bestsellers active 2 Coin 180/hr Map Fragment (30%)
*Earn Rate /hr assumes perfect collection.


  • Size: Size 2x2
  • Location: Island1 Island2 Island3 Island4


English Hut
Russian Хижина
German Hütte
French Cabane
Spanish Cabaña
Italian Capanna
Portuguese Cabana
Chinese 小屋
Korean 오두막
Japanese 小屋

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