Hot Air Balloon
Air Balloon


  • The Hot Air Balloon appears on the Island of the Ancients.  Series of quests are limited to 270 hours!  So go get them!


Hot Air Ballon Repair Information
Stage Timer Cost Reward CostAccelerate
1. Repair 2:40:00 4 Nets, 7 Ballasts, 3 Wood Resins HumanHead 3 Coin 300 Bestsellers active 100 CostGem 11
2. Launch 3:20:00 8 Garlands, 6 Cases, 4 Jugs HumanHead 3 Coin 300 Bestsellers active 250 CostGem 14

NOTE: You can buy each materials for CostGem 50 each, no matter how many the item is.



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