Big Walrus



Dive TableEdit

Type Feed Cost* Reward
Dive Fresh fish tr 20 Fresh Fish varies each time
Dive Deep Fresh fish tr 30 Fresh Fish varies each time
Dive to the Bottom Fresh fish tr 60 Fresh Fish varies each time
*Run deals at the Fisherman's Shop to earn Fresh fish tr Fresh Fish, also available for CostGem purchase in the store.

Dive Rewards TableEdit

Add what you have gathered from the Dive, Deep Dive and Bottom Dive

Type Resources Earned
(will vary type and amount)
Other Rewards
Dive Wood 2 100-500 Send tr 100-500
Stone 2 100-500 Cutstone 2 100-500
HumanHead 1 Bestsellers active 2,000-3,000 CostGem 3
Marblepro 250 Glass tr 50 Paint tr 50
Alien Tree, Spirit of Wisdom
Dive Deep Bestsellers active 4,000 Mill (2), Spirit of Great Fortune
Dive to the Bottom CostFood 1,000 Bestsellers active 5,000 Spirit of Wisdom, Spirit of Great Fortune, Doghouse, Crystal Bush, Curia


  • Size: Size 4x6
  • Maximum number per island: 1
  • Available on these islands: Island2
  • This unit is not movable
  • Akugum requires first that you heal the Walrus before sending him on Dives
  • Akugum forces your first dive to be the normal Dive, then the deep dive, then the bottom dive.
  • Once you perform the normal dive, the timer Timer 24:00:00 starts. In this time you can perform first the deep dive and after that the bottom dive. When you have completed all three dives you are back to the normal dive. When the timer runs out before you complete the three dives you are also back to the normal dive.
  • This means that you will need sufficient Fresh fish tr fresh fish to perform all three the dives.
    • 20+30+60 = Fresh fish tr 110 fresh fish.