Bathyscape is known as Iron Fish by the tribesmen.

  • This ship was left on Ancestors' Atoll by a younger version of the professor. Many quests on this island are contingent on finding items from this water-submerging vehicle.


  • Used in Quests
  • Starts off with needing to expand to the area twice. Cost: Coin 500k


  • Initial Explore: Timer 11:36:00 CostFood 1,500 Coin ?? HumanHead 5 - CostAccelerate Speed up! CostGem 35
    • Reward: Bestsellers active 800 Experience Points
  • Explore: Timer 1:00:00 CostFood 400 Coin 4,000 HumanHead 1 - CostAccelerate Speed up! CostGem 3
    • Income: Bestsellers active 100 Experience Points


Quest ItemsEdit

On Explore
Aroma candle (20%)
Book on architecture (15%)
Box of chocolates (40%)
Can of paint (15%)
Flippers (15%)
Leather ball (15%)
Main processing unit (30%)
Periscope (30%)
Signalling device (30%)
Small lamp (20%)
Quest Item drop rate % assumes related quest is ACTIVE and Spirit of Great Fortune is INACTIVE.


  • Size: Size 3x3
  • Can be found on: Island4 Area 7
  • This unit is not movable.


English Bathyscaphe
Russian Батискаф
German Tauchkapsel
French Bathyscaphe
Spanish Batiscafo
Italian Batiscafo
Portuguese Batiscafo
Chinese 深潜器
Korean 잠수정
Japanese 潜水艇

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