Aurora is one of the non-playable characters (or NPC) in The TribeZ. She is the daughter of Summer Wind, chief of the neighboring tribe. She is tasked with verifying that you are indeed the one sent to them by the Spirits!

In Game DialogueEdit


"How wonderful, oh, Wise One."
"How do you manage to do this?"
"It came out so great!"
"The tribe is grateful to you."


"Chief, you're back with us!"
"We have to work really hard."


"We happen to try to please the Chief."
"Great job, Chief!"
"It's such a wonderful morning, isn't it?"


"You need to try later."
"We do not know what to do with this."
"We have to work really hard."(not enough resources)
"We do not have the required building." (building required)
"The time for this hasn't come yet." (level required)
"There is something else you need to do." (quest required)

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